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Consortium "BULTURKSTROY" is a partnership construed for the purpose of joint participation of partners from Turkmenistan and Bulgaria in the performance of investment projects and other business in Turkmenistan.

"Bulturkstroy"'s shareholders have long-term experience in investment, construction, logisitcs, financial and other businesses. Their recent experience confirms the success ofthis approach in case of large-scale projects aborad. Examples are projects such as the ones completed in Lybia, Iran, Iraq, various countries in Africa, the Yambourg Treaty with the former Soviet Union and others.

People having serious and long-term experience in the creation and management of activities and structures in the field of investment policy have joined the management team of consortium “Bulturkstroy”. Mr. Georgi Hristov is managing director of the Consortium and has over 22 years of managerial experience in the organization of construction projects of national significance in the country and abroad. For seven years he has been taking managerial position at the construction of various projects of the Pernik industrial complex (Radomir heavy industries plant, Electrical steel production plant “Stomana” Pernik, Large-size steel-cutting machines plant Pernik and others) and for eight years he has been managing director of “Bolgarstroycomplekt” EOOD – major participant at the performance of the Yambourg Treaty between Bulgaria and the ex-Soviet Union. The second management position has been taken by Mr. Slavcho Bojilov who has over 20 years of experience as construction entrepreneur and contractor of various construction projects.

For the last two decades since it gained its independence, Turkmenistan, by means of consistent state policy for balanced development of the complex of production and auxiliary sectors, has succeeded to proceed to a new stage of accelerated forming of economy of industrial-innovation type.
For the purpose of structural reorganization of the economy Turkmenistan’s government approved to basic documents: the “National program of the President of Turkmenistan for reorganization of social and domestic conditions for the population living in villages, towns, cities and city centers for the period up to 2020” and the “National program for social and economic development of Turkmenistan for the period 2011 - 2030”.

As a rule high dynamic of investments accompany the transition of the country in its accelerated growth. The rapidly developing construction business gets priority in the development of different sector in the newly formed economic conditions.