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INFORMINVEST is a joint stock company, established on 8th August 1991 and registered under No. 21646 on 18 October 1991 in the Sofia district court in compliance with the Trade Act of Republic Bulgaria as INFORMA. With decision of the Sofia District Court it was renamed as INFORMINVEST.

INFORMINVEST is managed by the elected three-member Board of Directors. INFORMINVEST is managed and represented by Prof.Bogdan Ougartchinsky - General Director.
Supply of information for the Stock Exchange and for different companies in the country and abroad. Establishment and support of an information bank, networks and systems; research & development, consultancy, advertising, commercial and intermediary activities.

INFORMINVEST is the representative in Bulgaria of the Bulgarian - American business center, seated in Washington.

The basic activities of INFORMINVEST are:
  • Participation in the organization, preparation and realization of analyses of companies, that are the subject of investment and/or privatization
    This task is performed in the following directions:
    • Privatization projects;
    • Investment analyses;
    • Business planning;
    • Municipal finance.
  • Establish contacts for exchange of information, consultancy, organization of specialization’s and advertising through the business centres in the country and abroad.This task is mainly performed on the basis of our representation function for the Bulgarian-American business centre in Washington and its investment projects or commercial deals.
  • Fulfillment of information inquires and preparation of surveys, analyses about the current state and prospects of financial, commercial and production units (Bulgarian, foreign) on client’s request, after contracting the conditions – subject of the request, scope, volume, terms, prices etc.
  • Financial marketing and intermediation in the search of foreign and local investment funds as well as preparation of investment proposals of companies, based on contacts established with foreign investment funds.
  • Intermediation and brokerage in export and import operations of a certain number of permanent foreign clients and their representation in Bulgaria.
  • Intermediary , elaboration of offers as well as consulting services in the course of purchasing whole units (enterprises, firms etc.) or parts of them.

Contact address:

1000 Sofia, BULGARIA
8, Kaloyan str.,
Phone: (+359 2) 930 7550
Fax: (+359 2) 9807311