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The BULGARIAN ENERGY COMPANY Inc. was registered in 2002 at the Sofia District Court, Company Register No. 464/2002. The Company is managed by Prof. Bogdan Ougarchinsky who is Managing Director.

The Company has the following specialized scope of activities:

  • Design, construction, exploitation and termination of exploitation of technological projects, related to the nuclear power cycle;
  • Construction and exploitation of new technological units in the field of generating electrical power;
  • Transferring and distribution of electrical power;
  • Commissioning, exploitation and termination of the exploitation of energy units;
  • Bulgarian Energy Company (BEC) extended the range of its activities in a new direction, namely the energy efficiency investigation of buildings and energy certification. Keeping abreast with the last changes in the Law of Energy Efficiency and the regulations arisen from it, BEC AD is amongst the first companies which received certificates (for registering and for accreditation) from the Energy Efficiency Agency for implementing energy efficiency investigation and building certification.
  • Bulgarian Energy Company (BEC) AD is among the first companies entered into the public register of the EEA [Energy Efficiency Agency] of the persons that implemented certification of industrial facilities and it has a Certificate for accreditation issued by the Energy Efficiency Agency under No. СА-ОЕЕ-003/14 February 2006, by which it is given the right to perform energy efficiency investigation of industrial projects. The company is entered into the public register under No. 00003.

    The main task of investigation is to establish energy consumption; the technology level and the management of the project; heat energy saving and heat preservation of the industrial project; conformity with the standards and regulatory requirements for energy efficiency; evaluation of the energy consumption influence over environment, taking into consideration harmful emissions into air, water etc.

The Bulgarian Energy Company is the leader of Energy Consortium which also includes Energomontaj International JSC, Russian Federation, Promishlena Energetika JSC, Bulgaria and Montmontaza Group, Croatia.
The Bulgarian Energy Company is a partner of

  • The Balkan Energy Company JSC, Montenegro. The other partners are: Lanrussinvest, Russia and Travel Center, Russia;
  • The Steady Energy Development Consortium

    The Bulgarian Energy Company Inc. has signed Cooperation agreements for 15-yers term with large Russian enterprises, such as:

    1. ZiO-Podolsk Machine-building Plant , OJC (Podolsk)
      ZiO-Podolsk Machine-building Plant, OJC is one of the leading enterprises of energy machine building of Russia. Major work directions of the plant are elaboration and manufacturing of equipment for objects of traditional energy industry on combustion fuel, atomic energy industry, enterprises of gas and petroleum chemical processing.
    2. Novaya Era, OJC (Saint-Petersburg)
      Main kinds of the company¢s activity are: projecting, producing and assembling of: ship electricity distribution equipment to 1000 W ; automatic systems; diesel-electrical stations of different capacity; control panel, board, panel for electricity distribution systems; voltage-average electricity distribution equipment of 6,3 kW and 10 kW; metal constructions,etc.
    3. Izhorskie zavody, OJC (Saint-Petersburg)
    4. Main kinds of manufactured products are: equipment of the first circuit of atomic power plants with hydro reactor equipment; transport-technological equipment for storage and transportation of used nuclear fuel; quarry excavators; techniques for ore mining industry; equipment of metallurgical plants; equipment for investigations in the field of physics of high energy; radar antenna equipment; route machines for construction and repair of railways, etc.
    5. Energomontazh international, CJC (Moscow)
      Main operation directions are: assembling works together with construction, repair and modernization of electric power plants; production of flaw detectors based on sources of ionizing radiation for monitoring of quality of welded seams; services on monitoring of quality of welded seams.
    6. Russian Scientific Center Curtchatovsky Institute (Moscow)
      The main subject of the activity of RSC Curchatovsky institute is complex solution of problems of secure and nonpolluting energy creation based on nuclear reactions of division and synthesis, conduction of fundamental physical investigations and elaboration in this and adjacent fields.
    7. Russian Scientific Research Institute on Exploitation of Atomic Power Plants (Moscow)
      Major direction of activity is elaboration (jointly with design and engineering, scientific, industrial enterprises and organization of atomic energy) of research and development, developmental construction works on oriented growth of reliability, security and efficiency of atomic power plants.
    8. Scientific Research Center of Atomic Reactors (Dmitrovograd, Ulyanovska area)
      Main operation aspects are research in the field of reactor materials science, including irradiated nuclear fuel of all the types of reactors; elaboration of production and processing technologies of nuclear energy equipment; elaboration and production of sources of radiation for use in industry and medicine; radiation tests of transport containers.

    The Bulgarian Energy Company has contracts concluded for joint activities with 12 Bulgarian and foreign companies in the fields of:

  • Construction of energy projects;
  • Export of electricity;
  • Import of spare parts and equipment for the needs of the energy sector.


    Contact address:

    1000 Sofia, BULGARIA
    8, Kaloyan str.,
    Phone: (+359 2) 930 7550
    Fax: (+359 2) 988 4833