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Technoimpex JSC is one of the oldest Bulgarian companies which, since its establishment in 1965, has been working in the field of recruitment and providing highly qualified specialists and advisors for overseas employment.

Technoimpex JSC has carried out its activity in Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cuba, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kuwait, China and has permanent representative offices in Libya, Tunisia, Zimbabwe and Algeria.
For its active and beneficial part in the transfer of advanced technologies from worldwide experience and practice, in 1986 Technoimpex was awarded the International Trophy for Technology instituted by the Madrid-based Editorial Office of Spain.

Some main contracts and projects realized

  • The General Company for Chemical Industries - Abu Kammash - the Chemical Complex of the company has a Salt Plant, VCM Plant, Caustic Soda Plant as well as Utilities. Since 1985, when the co-operation began, over 1000 Bulgarian specialists - chemical engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers instrumentation engineers as well as mechanics in various trades: panel operators, maintenance and repairs of all installations -have worked here.
  • Company for Construction of Administrative Centres - Hoon. The co-operative dates back to 1996. So far over 50 civil, mechanical, electrical and communication engineers have worked there. The main work covers construction of infrastructural projects for the settlements in Sirte region as well as in Djufra oasis. Our specialists are engaged in design, construction and supervision of housing and administrative units, pumping and purification stations as well as the complete power and communication network.
  • The Great Man-made River Project - stage I - in the period 1995 -1999 about 170 Bulgarian specialists worked in two companies which performed reconstruction and building of new projects in Tripoli, related to this Project. There we had civil, electrical, mechanical, sanitary engineers and technicians.
  • Secretary of Housing - since its establishment until 1991 Technoimpex JSC worked with this authority. Our specialists have participated in the design and construction works in a number of projects in Tripoli, Benghazi, Sebha, Sirte, Zavia and some smaller settlements.
  • Factory for Spares and Special Equipment to the General Staff of the Rear Services - this contract was realized in 1996 - 1997 and then over 100 engineers and technician of various specialties worked there.
  • Environment Protection Authority - Benghazi. In the period 1982 - 1991 over 300 electrical, mechanical, civil and sanitary engineers and technicians worked in the Sewage Treatment Plant and the Composting Plant to the Authority.
  • The National Electrical Company - one of our oldest partners in Libya. Over 300 specialists have worked for the company in the field of maintenance and repairs of thermal and diesel power plants, substations and HV networks.
    During its long co-operation with this country Technoimpex JSC has worked with a number of other companies e.g. National Aluminium Company, Animal Feed Plants, Electrical Construction Company, Central Repairing Workshop, etc.
    Technoimpex JSC has worked with this country for over 30 years. Some main contracts with Syrian authorities are as follows:
  • Ministry of Public Buildings and Water Resources, Grand Project Directorate, contract concluded in 1981 for Bulgarian mechanical, civil, electrical and sanitary engineers.
  • Municipality of Damascus - contract of 1981 for architects, road engineers and landscape engineers.
  • General Organization for Surveying and Design to the Council of Ministers of SAR - in 1981 a contract was signed for providing Bulgarian architects, sanitary and electrical engineers for the requirements of the offices in Damascus and Latakia. Some realized projects under this contract were for water treatment, design and construction of President’s residence in Damascus, University of Latakia and others.
  • Ministry of Public Services in Damascus - the contract was signed in 1983 and it still valid now. Under this contract a number of civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, designers of sanitary facilities have worked and are working at present in the field of sewage projects for Damascus and construction of a number of purification plants, etc.
  • Mount Kassion Co.- according to a contract of 1983 we provided road and bridge engineers for the requirements of the company.
  • Ministry of Irrigation - Damascus. The contract was also signed in 1983 and it is still in force.Technoimpex” JSC has provided water engineers, dam construction engineers, irrigation and land reclamation engineers.
  • Al Sahel Construction Company - Latakia - a contract of 1986 for providing civil engineers.
  • Main Directorate for Water Studies - Homs. The contract was signed in 2000 for hydraulic engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers and others.
    The main field where Bulgarian specialists have worked and are still working is construction. Over 100 civil engineers, architects and surveyors have worked for H.F.P. Mayssa Int. They have dealt with designing and construction of housing and administrative buildings, water treatment plants, etc.
  • National agency for dams- on the basis of successful tender in 1990, 20 hydraulic and civil engineers were sent to work as supervisors on the construction of 5 - 6 dams.
  • Institute for Hydraulic construction - Oran. Bulgarian civil engineers, hydraulic engineers and surveyor have worked for this Institute.
    The total number of specialists who have worked in Algeria exceeds 800 persons. These were agronomists, zootechnicians, architects, civil engineers, ship crews, university lecturers and teachers in technical colleges. The Bulgarian specialists have been withdrawn from Algeria due to the situation there during last several years.

    The co-operation with the Kingdom of Morocco began in 1965 and up to now approximately 800 Bulgarian specialists -architects, civil engineers and lecturers in universities and technical colleges - have worked there. Since 1984 we have worked with the Office for Professional Training where Technoimpex JSC has sent off teachers of the following subjects: Automation, Informatics, Internal Combustion Engines, Refrigeration, Electronics, etc.
    Over 200 Bulgarian specialists have worked for this Office only.
    Our main activity in this country covers providing highly-qualified lecturers for the Ministry of Higher Education in the field of Mathematics, Informatics, Computers, etc. The co-operation began in 1977 and approximately 90 -100 Bulgarian lecturers work there every year.
    Professional Training Agency – the co-operation began in 1995 and we provided teachers of various subjects in the field of industry, construction, etc. so far over 50specialists have worked and are working there.
    Higher Institute of Music and Fine Arts - this is new co-operation developing for the last 1- 2 years and we provide lecturers for ther requirements.