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TECHNOS OOD has been constituted in 1993 with 100% private equity. The company is one of the leaders in the field of engineering and production of hoisting and transportation equipment and mainly lifts, parking systems, disabled people transportation equipment.

TECHNOS OOD disposes of its own production and service facilities. The products produced by the company comply with the groups of standards under the European quality directives 95/16/EC and 2006/42/EC. The company's production is based on state-of-the-art technologies and materials, design systems, safety methods of production and installation and modern design.

Scope of activity:

  • Hoisting and hauling machine-building - lifts: designing, production, delivery and installation, commissioning, maintenance.
  • Specialized hoisting and transport equipment - disabled people transportation, home lifts, mechanized parking systems;
  • General machine-building-engineering activities; production of details, assemblies and products, technological equipment, incl. press forms and extruder forms.

    Production programs and market positions:

  • The production list includes the full range of passenger, freight and special lifts (panoramic, car, hospital and lifts for special conditions of exploitation) etc., with electro-hydraulic and electromechanical drive;
  • At the same time production of instrumental equipment, sheet iron articles - cutting, bending, welding, designing and engineering activities; plastic goods production.

    The company holds 40% of the Bulgarian elevator market. Export includes elevators and elevator assembly to the Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Albania, Armenia; negotiations for further export and collaboration in design and production are underway.

    Company's location:

    The company's production and administration facility is located at Sofia Industrial Zone-Nord, address: 20, Svobodna Str., Sofia 1220; The company has established a production branch in the village of Novo Selo, province of Veliko Tarnovo, with specialized manufacturing workshops - completely built and equipped.

    Joint companies and representatives:

    Share participation: BISA-T, Sofia (CAD/SAM system for instrument production and technological equipment) INSTRUMENTS AND GOODS AD (precision machine building) and others.
    Company representatives work in Kiev- Ukraine, Varna, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Bourgas joint office in Moscow, Russia and others.

    Technological and technical properties of the technologies, outputs and products:

    The technological capabilities of the company comprise:

  • Laser-cutting of metals:
    • Automated sheet-iron processing centre TRUMPF- processes sheets with dimensions 3000 x 1500 mm, thickness- up to 20 mm ;
  • Coordinate punching machines with CNC [Computer Numerical Control]:
    • TRUMATIK 3000- sheet dimensions 3000x1500x6 mm, with options for integrated processing - bending, thread-cutting, corrugating ( since Oct 2006);
  • Bending:
    • Machines for longitudinal bending (bending presses) with CNC: SAFAN and TRUMPF - lengths of 2200 ( 3000) mm , thickness - up to 4 ( 8) mm;
  • Processing centers - 4 units , with options for processing details with dimensions up to 800/600/600 and positioning accuracy - up to 0,025 mm ;
  • Machine-tool center HAAS for processing diameters of up to 200 mm , lengths- up to 400 mm, in an automatic mode; Note. For points 4 and 5 there are possibilities of doubling the dimensions control according to a programme and/or through additionally integrated active control devices; there is available three-coordinate measuring machine KEMKO with positioning accuracy - up to 0,002 mm
  • The company has available sets of welding units in protective gas, machines for conventional processing – machine-tools, mills, guillotine-type cutters.
  • Since 2005 a powder painting production line has worked at the company; dimensions of the painted details - up to 2500 x 1500 mm;
  • Extrusion machines for manufacturing plastic goods are available. The elevators have electric and hydraulic drives, with electronic control and comply with the standards of the EN 81 group. The company produces all its elements with the exception of the main drives which are imported, mainly from Italy, and have a high quality guarantee. The overall structures are developed in collaboration with European companies, mostly Italian and in keeping with the good traditions and solutions of the Bulgarian production complex.
    The lift designing is computerized (3D), the product Solid Edge 17 is worked with, the company have available authorized documentation, certified by a CAB, approved by SAMTS, methods for designing and computer analyses, automatic generation of processing programs for CPU-controlled machines, technological analyses and simulative analysis etc. There are separated engineering workstations for designing and engineering analyses at the company along with some specialized workplaces for developing programs for operating CPU-controlled machines.

    The company has been certified under ISO 9001-2008.

    Prestigious sites and sites with original technical solutions

    In the country:

  • Elevators for the presidency in the Republic of Bulgaria – 2003 Hotels: BISTRA-GALINA - Rousse, Grand hotel SOFIA, ZDRAVETS, BONITA, HAVANA, EXCELSIOR, MAK, MIMOSA, CHUCHULIGA, and RIVIERA -GOLDEN SANDS, METEOR, BOR, VICTORIA, KAVKAZ, GLARUS, and LEBED- SUNNY BEACH
  • Shops- FANTASTICO - Sofia;
  • Business centers: MOBILTEL, DATEKS, OVERGAS, DARIK RADIO, PM - GROUP, Post and Communications Committee - Sofia, Haskovo Trade center, Express bank - Plovdiv, First East International Bank-Sofia, Pleven, Haskovo, Stara Zagora.
  • Production elevators with original technical solutions: transport elevator for ASSENOVGRAD BT, SODI - DEVNYA, elevator for the Bulgarian company BULTEKS in Blagoevgrad;


    The Ukraine - elevators for the water amusement park in the town of Odessa, the business center in Kiev, at “Geroi in Kosmosa” blvd., the elevator in the Central expo-business center in Kiev, elevators in the housing complex at Shtors St. in Kiev, etc.

    Russia- Kazan: Palace of water sports, Media-center, The stadium; Moscow: Apart hotel to the Presidential administration, MHAT the name A.P.Chehova; Sochi: Stadium Yunosty, the residential complex in Krasnogorsk, Moscow region.


    For all of its products the company has available product certificates (type specimens), safety devices certificates, certified production and designing technologies; an H-module has been defended before an accredited European CAB [Conformity Assessment Body). Along with [obtaining] the documentary certificate a full cycle of tests at accredited laboratories has been carried out. The company realizes inspection and test of the lifts being put into operation according to End control procedure, in compliance with LTRP (Law on Technical Requirements for Products], the regulations of the CM [Council of Ministers] and SAMTS, the directives and standards of the EN group. Particular lift assemblies are regularly putting under tests, carried out at the company premises and/or at authorized laboratories of the Technical University and the BAS [Bulgarian Academy of Sciences].
    The products manufactured fulfill the requirements and standards under EH81 and Regulations of the SAMTS [State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance] and are in compliance with the harmonized euro-norms.
    The certificate given to the TECHNOS company bears the No 107/B/02.06 and certifies that the company Quality management system meets requirements of Quality Management Standard ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008.
    The company continuously develops and improves the introduced quality management system. In the meantime the presence of conditions for full quality assurance, by Attestation No. 101 BMH/02.06 , in accordance with the requirements of the European Lift Directive 95/16/EC , Annex XIII , moduleH has been certified.


    The company permanently employs a staff of 130 people, 21 of which are engineers and over 31 specialized technical workers, while the assembly of the produced elevators is completed by technicians with high professional skills. The staff of the technical departments are updated and enlarged on a regular basis. Well-trained specialists in the areas of the hoisting and hauling machinery, mechanics, metal constructions, welding, hydraulic equipment and systems, electronics and computer equipment are currently working at the company.

    Measures have been taken for continuous training and qualification of the specialists simultaneously with the introduction of new equipment and technologies as well as with adopting new assemblies and products.


    For more information about the company's range of products, please refer to