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VELGRAF GROUP Consortium is represented and managed by the leader amongst its members, Velgraf Ltd. through its Managing Director Prof. Bogdan Ougartchinsky.

The major tasks of the leader are as follows:

  • Sign offers, tender dossiers and documents on behalf of the Consortium;
  • Secure financing;
  • Be responsible before employers and financial institutions;
  • Coordinate and distribute components of certain projects among the members, as well as exercise control in the course of the implementation of the components.

    Velgraf Group Consortium provides an “overall comprehensive approach” to the construction projects, which comprise preliminary studies, design, planning, financial engineering, construction and supervision of the works, management and maintenance of the project.

    Summarized, the major activities of the Consortium are:

    Project elaboration and planning

  • feasibility studies
  • land acquisition
  • planning
  • financial engineering
  • zoning and regulation management

    Design work management

  • selection of design teams;
  • management of design and construction process;
  • concept design elaboration;
  • control of drawings production;
  • management of the final designs;

    Preconstruction management

  • planning of logistics;
  • time-schedules;
  • supplies planning;
  • review of construction opportunities;
  • cost engineering;
  • reviewing of mechanical and electric designs.

    Construction management

  • selector of contractor and negotiations;
  • coordination and guidance in the work of the contractor;
  • time-schedules;
  • cost control;
  • quality certification;
  • technical provision;
  • direct purchasing, deliveries control;

    Postconstruction stage

  • on-time completion;
  • securing systems start up;
  • control over construction management;
  • direct systems start up;
  • delivery and installation of machinery, equipment and furniture.

    The financial condition of the Consortium can be shown in most general terms by the following:

    • An increase of the total amount of the controlled assets. The amount of the assets was 53 million leva in 2000 and 60 million in 2001.
    • The positive rate of the index “Own Capital” shows the efficiency of the activities of the Consortium and it tends to a gradual increase.


    The Ministry of Energy and Water of the Republic of Lebanon by virtue of decision number 158 dated 08 June 2001 has qualified Velgraf Group Consortium, Bulgaria associated with MAN Enterprise, Lebanon as Contractor for the implementation of Dams and Hill Lakes.

    Partners of Velgraf-Group Consortium:

    Velgraf Ltd.; Informinvest AD, Sofia; Velgraf USA Inc.; Velgraf Consultants Ltd.; Velgraf Canada; Velgraf Turkmenistan; Bulgarian Energy Company Inc.; Vodokanalproekt-Chisti Vodi Ltd.; Vodno Stroitelstvo AD; Hydrostroy AD; Transtroy - Varna AD; DAVID Holding; TEHNOS Ltd.; GASENERGOCOMPLECT Ltd.; INTERATOMENETGO Ltd.; TEXNOIMPEX AD; BULTURKSTROY Consortium.

    Reference No. 014/08.05.2003 issued by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    Certificates: Dams; HPPlants; WWTPlants; Hydrotechnical Tunnels

    Contact address:

    1000 Sofia, BULGARIA
    8, Kaloyan str.,
    Phone: (+359 2) 930 7550
    Fax: (+359 2) 988 4833