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"Velgraf Group" Consortium (, established under the form of a civil company in 2001, got acquired during the last years of its existence:

  • the name of a loyal and real partner upon the implementation of projects of the Consortium companies with counterparts from the country and abroad;
  • a taxation and banking perfect structure, which has never participated in any compromising projects or actions; - good performance as a potential partner upon the formation of teams for elaboration of project proposals;
  • good contacts in the governmental authorities of non-EU states, namely Russia, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Egypt;
  • contacts with leading experts from Bulgaria and different countries all over the world, based on which teams may be formed for participation in projects, consultations and commercial operations;
  • lobby in the election bodies, financial institutions, the executive power and companies, though which a concrete policy may be carried out, to maintain certain ideas, projects and intentions;
  • an innovative structure, partaking actively in the implementation of projects in new spheres of economy, namely:
    1. energy efficiency – the "Bulgarian Energy Company" AD ("BEC" AD) was established, which is one of the leaders in this sphere. For the constructed thermal power station in Ihtiman, operating with biomass, the Head of "Velgraf" and Executive Director of "BEC" AD Prof. Bogdan Ougartchinsky was awarded "businessman for the year of 2009". Only in the last two years "BEC" AD has studied 32 enterprises which later obtained funds from the "Competitiveness" Operative Program. At the same time the company has been successfully developing its activity in the sphere of implementing studies on energy efficiency of external artificial illumination (street lighting) in small and large municipalities, elaborating audits for application under the Rural Regions Development Program, elaborating of assessments on obtained energy savings, study and certification of buildings, developing of projects on implementation of renewable energy sources, and others. "BEC" AD is the initiator and executor of energy audits for 45 administrative buildings and hotels. We have issued certificates to such buildings, and they have been released from taxation for a period of 7 years.
    2. nuclear energy – "InterAtomEnergo" is the company having concluded contracts with world leading companies for participation in the construction of "Belene" NPP; recently it has been preparing a project proposal on the deactivation of the nuclear reactor in Sofia – a possession of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and the transformation of the free territory into City of Knowledge under the European programs. Negotiations are being held for the acquisitions of the rights for use of nanotechnology for radioactive waste deactivation;
    3. human resources – a possibility was created for the attraction of rich investors – "Velgraf" participates in the organization and realization of legislative changes regarding the acquisition of permanent residential status of investors in Bulgaria, following the Canadian model. "Velgraf" carries out intermediary activity on engaging foreign experts and labour force for the Bulgarian economy, for which the company has obtained license Nr. 1979/30.12.2015, issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. Recently "Velgraf" is the company, chosen by the Industrial Capital Association of Bulgaria as supplier of labour force for the companies and organizations - members of the Association, from countries outside the European Union. "Velgraf" has executed contracts with companies suppliers from Ukraine, Armenia and Vietnam. Negotiations are being held with companies from Kazakhstan, Moldova, the Philippines, India and Bangladesh. There are developed contacts and technology for obtaining permission for work of foreign specialists in Bulgaria. The Executive Director of "Velgraf" Prof. Bogdan Ougartchinsky is a member of the National Council on labor migration and labor mobility at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. The National Council discusses and accepts the laws and rules on the import of foreign experts;
    4. agriculture and surrounding environment – the company implements the possibility for attracting foreign partners for participation in mutual projects in third countries. A good example is the attraction of the leading German companies in the fishery project "Turkmenbalyk" through "Velgraf Turkmenistan" Co., as well as "Velgraf USA Inc." and "Velgraf Canada" in the construction of a waste disposal plant and waste water purification facilities in Vietnam;
    5. defence industry – "Velgraf" has created possibilities for attracting partners in transactions with the enterprises from the defence industry through its foreign companies participating in the "Velgraf Group" Consortium. "Velgraf Canada" is a member of the Association of Military Industry in Canada;
    6. consultancy activity and digitalization – through its members, "Velgraf" works on the elaboration of a project on digitalization of the infrastructure in Sofia and Varna municipalities, which is extended by the Project "Sofia – City of Knowledge"
    7. commercial and intermediary activity – the companies of "Velgraf Group" dispose of the requested potential, contacts and experts for the development of commercial and intermediary activities in diverse spheres, mainly in the energy sector, machine building, chemical production and agriculture. Such an example is the acquisition by "Velgraf Group" of the liabilities of "Todorov" winery in Nasarchitelna Banka and their sale to Centralna Kooperativna Banka;
    8. “Velgraf Group” is initiator of “Sofia City of Knowledge” project. The trade mark of “Sofia City of Knowledge” is owned by “BEC” AD. A cluster of the same name was established, financed by “Innovations and Competitiveness” Operative Program. The cluster’s management is accommodated in the office of “Velgraf Group”, and Prof. Bogdan Ougartchinsky is elected Deputy Chairman of its Managing Board. The cluster includes 26 organization and companies, amongst which “BEC” AD and “Informinvest” AD, as members of “Velgraf Group”. For more information see


    The "Velgraf Group" Consortium unites companies from the sphere of water construction, the energy sector, the consultancy activity, human resources and foreign representations. The Consortium’s management is carried out by its Leader "Velgraf" OOD and is represented by its Manager Prof. Bogdan Ougartchinsky. The purpose of the Consortium is, through the companies in which the Leader of the Consortium "Velgraf Group" OOD is a stakeholder, to search and implement projects in Bulgaria and the countries where the companies have contacts. The participation of the Consortium does not include any financial liabilities, and all contracts are executed after their concurrence between the parties partaking therein.

    In the year of 2002 the total volume of the production capacities of the companies partaking in the Consortium was about BGN 60 million, but because of the gradual privatization, fragmentation and closure of individual companies or parts thereof, it was significantly reduced and at the time being does not exceed BGN 10 million, moreover – on projects ensured by the companies themselves.

    Nowadays "Velgraf Group" has a good face and a good past, but does not possess the possibilities it has disposed of in the year of 2002. The present structure is available at website:

    In general, functioning recently are the companies in which "Velgraf" has participation and which may be determined as a holding structure. Prof. Bogdan Ougartchinsky is majority stakeholder in "Informinvest" AD, "Velgraf USA", Inc. – Washington, "Velgraf Canada", Inc. – Montreal, Canada, "Velgraf Turkmenistan" – Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan.

    "Informinvest" AD is majority stakeholder of "Velgraf" OOD and possesses 39% from the shares of "BEC" AD.

    "Velgraf" OOD is the sole owner of "InterAtomEnergo" EOOD and "Velgraf Wine" EOOD and a minority owner of "Gasenergocomplect" OOD with 45% participation.

    So, the related companies with majority stakeholder Prof. Bogdan Ougartchinsky have the possibility to act as a holding structure with unified management of the companies of "Velgraf" OOD, "Informinvest" AD, "BEC" AD, "Gasenergocomplect" OOD, "InterAromEnergo" EOOD, "Velgraf Wine" EOOD, where Prof. Bogdan Ougartchinsky is Executive Director or Manager.

    In the last years, because of the suspension of "Belene" NPP Project, the activity of "InterAtomEnergo" EOOD and "Gasenergocomplect" OOD was frozen. The activity of "Velgraf Wine" EOOD is suspended as well. Their bank accounts are closed too, to avoid unrequested burdening of the companies.

    Contact address:

    1000 Sofia, BULGARIA
    8, Kaloyan str.,
    Phone: (+359 2) 930 7550
    Fax: (+359 2) 988 4833